About TTAF

About TTAF The Traveling Art Factory Bethel CT

The Traveling Art Factory (or TTAF) was created by artist and instructor, Jesse Lewis. We wanted to be able to provide a stress free and therapeutic environment for enrichment programs at schools, as well as private art classes for children and adults throughout Connecticut.

Instructor, Jesse Lewis, previously worked for Renew Art Cottage and Consignment in Ridgefield, CT for a year and a half. Jesse loved his experience at Renew and was able to help shape the classroom environment. He noticed a recent popularity and growing rise in both art-related parties, and adult BYOB paint nights. It seemed to Jesse that they began popping up everywhere!

The difference between The Traveling Art Factory’s business model compared to all the rest is the emphasis on freedom of expression, and choice, in order to create the kind of art that interests you! Jesse has compared other people’s experiences who have attended similar art nights and classes, but found that clients much preferred Jesse’s method.

Other businesses in the surrounding areas seem to have one aspect in common — that everyone in the class has to paint the exact same thing whether they are interested in the subject or not. Therefore, Jesse wanted to create a more personal, yet intricate platform, while providing an alternative setting. He did not want clients to be merely herded in like cattle and all made to paint the exact same thing…the exact same way. Don’t get us wrong the results are perfectly lovely, but perfectly boring! Art is about EXPRESSION. Art is about INDIVIDUALITY. Art is about FREEDOM! DO WHAT YOU WANT! HAVE FUN!!! BE GUIDED AND INSTRUCTED ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!

The other major element that separates what we do at TTAF from the rest, is that we TRAVEL to YOU! You are not required to drive to our studio. We bring everything to you! We can provide lessons in the comfort of your own home, or office, or school, or even out at a local coffee house, or bar.

The Traveling Art Factory invites you to experience a unique and authentic artistic experience!

Sign up with us today and see the creative difference!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To spread the joy and fun of art throughout Connecticut!

We believe that art is about having fun, first, and foremost. We also want to encourage people to get excited about art and learn the benefits that art has to offer!

We want you to discover or re-discover all that art has to offer whether you sign up as an adult, a child, a private party, a school, or an office.

Benefits for kids

Art can help a child grow in many different facets of one’s life. Art can teach someone not to give up and how to stick with something and be proud of your creation. Art can teach patience by learning how to develop a work of art which takes time and dedication. Art can teach individuality. Most artists are free thinkers, which can help a child approach life’s obstacles in a new way, and come up with creative solutions. Art is also therapeutic! Art can help in the same way that meditation is utilized. Art can teach how to center yourself and be more productive on daily basis.

Benefits for adults

Let’s face it, being an adult kinda sucks. We are bogged down with responsibilities and expectations everyday. Art can be a great and healthy escape from our personal, or collective reality. Art can be a great source of relaxation and meditation. Perhaps you used to love art but stopped creating because life got in the way? Or maybe you are just curious to try and see what you can create? Either way you will be delighted with what you can do and it will inspire you to have an “I CAN DO IT” attitude in other areas of your life! Adult parties are a great way to step outside your comfort zone and loosen up!

We look forward to seeing you soon, and can’t wait to see what you do next!

happy creating,

About TTAF The Traveling Art Factory Bethel CT