About Jesse


Artist, Jesse Lewis, was born in Stamford Connecticut, and has remained in Connecticut his entire life.

He was raised in Darien, Connecticut and displayed a knack for art at a very early age. It was not until he entered the Darien High School and encountered his mentor, and art teacher, Robert Sorensen, that he began to take art seriously.


Jesse lost his mother to cancer when he was fourteen years old and while academics did not come easy to Jesse, art was always his savior. He credits art, and particularly his experience with Mr. Sorensen, to turning his life around.


With Mr. Sorensen’s guidance, Jesse developed a portfolio to show prospective colleges. The art school that seemed to make the most sense for Jesse was Paier College of Art, located in Hamden, CT. While at Paier, Jesse studied illustration and fine art. He also took courses at Gibbs College in Norwalk, CT to study graphic design and website design.


Jesse earned a Degree in Visual Communications and began his career in the corporate world. Directly out of college, Jesse landed a job with Wadia Associates, a highly regarded and respected architect firm located in New Canaan, CT. He was the youngest full time employee at the company at the time.


After working at Wadia Associates, Jesse, decided to expand his resume and see what else was out in the world. He free-lanced as a graphic artist and web designer for several years. After working in the corporate world, Jesse grew dissatisfied and decided to go back to his first love, working with children. Prior to his professional career, for Jesse to earn money in high school and college, he worked at several local YMCA after school programs. He also has worked for the East School in New Canaan, CT as a special education teaching assistant.


After struggling in a bad economy for a long time lightning struck for Jesse. A good friend of his opened a shop in Ridgefield, CT by the name of Renew Art Cottage and Consignment. The first floor of the cottage was a consignment shop and above it was a wonderful art studio. The owner of Renew needed an art instructor for the studio and Jesse was delighted to nominate himself as a candidate! For a year and a half Jesse taught both adults and children alike, and helped shape the foundation for its unique studio atmosphere.


Jesse also has been working with Marcy’s Tennis Academy as a tennis instructor for children aged 5-13. He loves the game of tennis and appreciates her business model and the way that Marcy Cohen ran her program.


With both Renew and Marcy’s blessing, Jesse decided to follow his heart, and thus, create The Traveling Art Factory!